My group exhibitions:
My solo exhibition:
People's University premises in Täby 1995
One in three of the Swedish Church Bredäng 2007
Immanuelschurch Örebro 2008
The spring show "Roslagmålarna"Gallery Ensta Täby 2008
One of two "Roslagmålarna" Gallery Ensta Täby 2009
Autumn show "Roslagmålarna" Gallery Ensta Täby 2009
"Svensk Byggtjänst" 2010
Gallery Svea  Stockholm 2010
The spring show "Roslagmålarna" 2013
One of 8 Gallery Ensta 2013
Agora Gallery New York 2015
Ferrera Italy    2015
Karby Gård Täby graphic artist 2015 , 2016,2017.2018, 2019
Miami  USA     2015-2017
Gallery Mowitz Stockhom 2018
Skarpängs library in Täby 1996
Swedish Church in Kummelby Sollentuna in 2008.
The health center Löwenströmska Hospital Upplands Väsby 2008
Täby Main Library 2008
Enebyberg Library in Danderyd 2008
Cafe art and cakes Viggbyholm Täby 2009
Public Dental Service in Täby village in 2009
Hälla 50s café Hällaström 2011
Ristorante La Piazza InfraCity Uppland Väsby 2011
Kummelby church in December 2012 -januari 2013
Täby Main Library 2013
Hälla 50s cafe Hällaström 2013
Hälla 50s cafe Hällaström 2015


I have been commissioned to create a work of art for those who will receive the large Rhetoric Prize 2020 in Sweden. Which will be awarded on March 12 at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The Grand Rhetoric Award 2020 is awarded to Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

Cover images books:
"Den inre friheten"2008,
(The inner freedom) 
author Jacques Philippe
Publisher: Catholica
"Sök friden och bevara den" 2009,
(Find peace and preserve it) 
the author Jacques Philippe
Book Publisher: Catholica
"Tid för Gud" 2013, the
(Time for God)
author Jacques Philippe
Book Publisher : Catholica
Hepaticas belongs to the time
Tussilago farfarus comes first
God's hand touches my inner arable land
during early Winds of spring
seeds of my Coltsfoot are spread
to the Father's embrace, I forgotten
spring shows the way
When sun rises dew slowly drying
until the summer winds leaving
completely soft
lukewarm grass to bare feet
– Gudrun Alvebro
translate from swedish by Gudrun Alvebro and Lena Edström