The bleu City


Sacred Heart of Jesus







Collografi              Stora Retorikpriset 2020

Green Sea


About me:

We are met by so many pictures today that want to tell us how to look what we think we should always take a stand for or against.
I want to invite you to a visual language where you should be able to rest but also feel that there is more to discover, your inner man the one who is you. the paintings can show on the way there.
I am inspired by what meets me in nature usually details like a leaf a blade of grass. The   paintings are about my inner pictures my inner room and they borrow pictures from nature. The inner walk in different stages dwellings window shadows dark paths with bright windows. I love painting when it flows in my inner when I know the Spirit in me. I want my pictures to give hope an thoughtfulness. Is there another way than anything we are fed? we humans are fragile.
So rest in them and experience what the pictures want to tell you… .this is a walk in daring to let your vulnerability meet the inner values ​​that I want to convey. Let the Lord speak to your heart.

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